Decoding Wedding Themes: Different Wedding Styles and Dress Codes

Wedding themes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they can range from rustic to modern and everything in between.

As a male guest, it's essential to know how to dress appropriately for each theme to ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable.

Here are some guidelines for what a man should wear for different wedding themes.

Man in Classic Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel

Formal Black-Tie Wedding

For a formal black-tie wedding, men should wear a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. You can add a cummerbund, but it's not necessary. A pair of black leather shoes will complete the look.

Semi-Formal Wedding

For a semi-formal wedding, men can wear a suit and tie or opt for a sports jacket and dress pants. A light-coloured shirt is appropriate, and you can add a pocket square for a touch of elegance. Brown or black dress shoes would work well for this type of wedding.

Beach Wedding

For a beach wedding, you can wear a lightweight suit in a light color, such as beige or light gray. You can also opt for dress pants and a linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Loafers or boat shoes are a great option for footwear, and you can leave the socks at home.

Rustic Wedding

For a rustic wedding, you can go for a more relaxed look with a sports jacket, dress pants, and a patterned shirt. You can also add a vest or suspenders for a touch of personality. Brown leather shoes would work well with this type of wedding.

Casual Wedding

For a casual wedding, you can wear dress pants or chinos with a button-down shirt. You can add a blazer for a more polished look, and loafers or dress shoes will complete the outfit. Avoid jeans and sneakers for this type of wedding.

Dressing for a wedding depends on the theme, so it's essential to pay attention to the invitation and dress code guidelines.

Whether it's a formal black-tie wedding or a casual beach wedding, you can look stylish and feel comfortable by choosing the appropriate outfit. Remember to always dress to impress and enjoy the celebration!

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